Precision metal stampings have been manufactured by Reliable Metalcraft since 1975 at our Midwest location . Our precision metal stampings are used worldwide by companies in the automotive, electronic, plastic, medical, construction, recreational vehicle, and appliance and house wares industries.

Reliable Metalcraft began as a small tool and die shop with a single customer whose metal stamping needs consisted mostly of secondary punch press stampings. With the acquisition of our first U.S. Baird Multi-Slide ® machine, Reliable Metalcraft was able to pursue new opportunities to manufacture a wide variety of precision metal stampings, in addition to continuing the punch press metal stamping operations.

As our business of manufacturing precision metal stampings has grown, we have expanded our production capabilities to include 35 U.S. Baird Multi-Slide ® machines and 15 punch presses, ranging from 2 ton to 60 ton capacity.

Precision metal stampings require well maintained equipment and tooling, to be just that, precision metal stampings, therefore we do all of our own maintenance and repairs in house utilizing the talents of our highly skilled and dedicated employees.

Precision metal stampings also demand the highest standards in quality; to that end we pursued and were granted ISO 9001 certification in 2003.

Providing our customers with personalized service and quality parts at competitive pricing has taken Reliable Metalcraft into our fourth decade of serving clients around the worldand our financial stability means that we will be able to supply your precision metal stamping requirements for years to come.

Reliable Metalcraft offers 100% guaranteed metal stampings.
Precision metal stampings since 1975.
Over 40 years of four-slide and punch press metal stampings from Reliable Metalcraft.

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