Aluminum custom metal stampings.
Aluminum custom metal stampings.
Aluminum custom metal stampings.

Aluminum metal stampings are becoming increasingly popular due to their high strength to weight ratios. Aluminum metal stampings are widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries where elimination of excess weight is crucial to fuel economy.

Aluminum metal stampings offer excellent corrosion resistance even in harsh environments. Additionally, aluminum metal stampings have an attractive surface finish for applications where appearance is important. Aluminum metal stampings also have good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Aluminum is a relatively soft metal which gives it exceptional form-ability in the metal stamping process. Aluminum metal stampings can be found in consumer electronics, many household items, and automobiles and aircraft.

Aluminum is frequently alloyed with other elements such as manganese, magnesium and silicon to enhance its strength and usefulness in a wide variety of metal stamping applications. The most common grades of aluminum used in metal stampings are 1100, 3003, and 5052. Aluminum used for metal stamping can be found in many forms; sheet, strip, coil, wire, and extruded.

Aluminum metal stampings can be anodized to increase corrosion resistance and surface hardness. Aluminum metal stampings can also be anodized in wide variety of colors for use in consumer products where appearance is especially important.

Aluminum metal stampings have one drawback in that they cannot be welded by standard welding practices and require special welding techniques.