Beryllium copper stampings are made fromcopper that has be alloyed with 0.5 to 3% beryllium. Beryllium copper, with its high ductility, can be stamped and formed into complex metal stampings with tight tolerances.

Metal stampings made from beryllium copper offer high strength, are non-magnetic and non-sparking, and have good electrical conductivity.

Beryllium copper stampings can be precipitation hardened to very high strength levels foruse in applications where they are subjected to repeated stresses and strains.

Beryllium copper stampings can be welded and are also resistant to non-oxidizing acids, abrasive wear and galling.

Beryllium copper metal stampings make excellent electrical contacts and connectors and are frequently used in the electrical and electronic component and aerospace industries.

Beryllium copper is more expensive than ordinary copper alloys, but metal stampings made from this material, especially when heat treated; offer better dimensional stability, and fatigue and corrosion resistance.